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May 27, 2010
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This audience collage represents people who would might be the viewers of my concept… Mainly commuters on trains, some may be interested, some may not.
I hope that ‘artworks’ would grab their attention and respond. Either if its a nice or horrible reactions.

"audience collage"


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A persona for a target audience.

May 28, 2010
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Name: Grace McGregor
42 years old

Grace McGregor, 42 years old.  (fictional person, only designed for this specific persona for a target audience) is an employee for an accounting business in the CBD. She catches the public transport from Albion Station, Sydenham Line service at 7.30am.
Grace normally reads the news paper on the way to work but mostly captured by her surroundings. She has a few hobbies; playing clarinet, the piano, and loves painting. Interested in various of art forms.
For this concept, Grace would be an ideal targeted audience because of her interests and the way she travels to work. Hopefully these sorts of people who travels using trains, would be grabbed by the sorts of artworks that would be posted up weekly.

Name: Ben
20 years old
RMIT student

Wants to travel to really obscure places like Mongolia and North Korea, just for the hell of it.
Has a strange sense of music.
Wants to fight the injustices of the world.
Has a little man crush on Barack Obama – the bloke is quality.
Wants to be more English, but embraces everything that is Australian.
Politics and History are his things.
Aspired to be a pilot back in the day.. actually still do!
Has a pretty decent group of friends, from all walks of life.
Wants to work for the government, to make it right again.
Has an opinion on everything, or so I’ve been told.

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Present an idea developed through collaboration.

May 19, 2010
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With this part of assessment, it would be ideal to collaborate my work with the work Moving Galleries have already made. It would help me decide maybe what sort of artwork to present…

Moving Galleries background;
Moving Galleries is a travelling exhibition of art and poetry on Melbourne’s city trains. Similar to the trains in New York, London and Hong Kong, Melbourne’s trains offer a unique space for artists and poets to showcase their work to commuters. At the same time, commuters get to more broadly interact with the culture of their city.

The daily commute becomes an admission ticket to Melbourne’s most accessible creative space – a train carriage where every seat offers a fresh artistic and literary experience.

Moving Galleries aim is to reach and engage an extensive and diverse community in the course of daily life by ‘moving Melbourne through art’. Through partnerships with Victorian arts organisations, Moving Galleries is expanding access to the public of the innovative creative arts projects and initiatives that exist within Melbourne and Victoria. As the poetry section of Moving Galleries is open for public submission, both professional and novice poets have been selected for publication. The poetry on the walls of the trains provides the commuting public with a snapshot of Victoria’s literary talent.

Moving Galleries is an initiative of the Committee for Melbourne and is supported by the Victorian Government’s Department of Transport and Metro Trains.

In presenting an idea, i maybe should design, artwork which aim is to reach and engage an extensive and diverse community in the course of daily life. Many commuters are young and socially active through social networks such as facebook and twitter. With this idea, such artworks maybe hilarious or interesting posts made by celebrities on twitter that week, or just posts from normal people that others might find funny. These posters would maybe get updated every week, because daily updates of posters would costly and time consuming to maintain, and people loves the suspense by waiting anxiously of what the next post may be.

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Find three blogs that you find relevant to your personal interests. Create a link from your blog to these blogs.

May 17, 2010
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Here’s some bloggers i liked in particular from the class lists

Chris Brooks; because i like his audio concept, seven months, i think he is showing the linkage between the class requirements and the love for his music?

Nancy Tran; she has this ‘question time’ theme going on and its kinda interesting what she comes up with, either from a class topic, or one of her own.

and third and last…
Katharine Dricks; purely because I found it hilarious looking at the ‘internet tendencies’ she had posted! some good websites!

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‘Write about an idea you have that you might develop further…’

May 16, 2010
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It took me a while to think of an idea for c&i until this time which might work as a starting point for now.
I’m thinking of developing a concept which where I can incorporate my artistic ‘skills’ towards public views. This could work if I ‘showcase’ artworks that can maybe relate to the commuters in public transports; trains, train stations, bus stops, busses, tram stops and trams…

Have you ever seen those advertisements posted up in busses?… trams?… trains?
Do you pay attention to them?
Or are they too ‘dull’, ‘boring’ to even take notice… ?
… well that’s how I see these advertisements.

I got stuck about what sort of artworks I would create where I can  engage commuters attentions…
I remembered a few years ago when trains had those poetry artworks, it was made by the moving galleries based in Melbourne; intended to offer a unique space for artists and poets to showcase their work to commuters. At the same time, commuters get to more broadly interact with the culture of their city. I would want to base my concept with this similar idea, and to develop it further, I will put in my own take and uniqueness with art and hope to send or grab peoples attention.

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BLOG numero uno!~

March 21, 2010
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What type of practitioner are you?
Practitioner, that word… i don’t quite fall into that category as yet, in my mind anyways, soo to make my life easier, I’m going to answer this question as; what type of artist are you?
well; drawing, painting; – most of you i have never met before, therefore you wouldn’t have any idea what kind of things i draw, well i love drawing, portraits, facial expressions such as; happy, sad, distress, depressed, extatic, etcetera. Realist artist. 
I also love playing basketball! and the occassional guitar playing.

What type do you aspire to be?
I aspire to be a successful artist,
Funny enough, I’m sure everyone have had their own childhood dream and mine was to be an NBA player, or any professional basketball player but that dream went astray as i grew older and started to realise that it wasn’t meant to be.

What themes are you into?
Themes that I’m into… if relates to movie themes, comedy, thriller, horror, etc… if relates to music genre; R&B!!!

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